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Genealogy Talks

Shirleen Hoffman

I am a professional genealogical researcher, speaker, consultant, and author from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  My specialties include genealogical investigative strategies and hands-on application techniques.   

I offer students and clients a wealth of information in a lecture series ranging from foundational genealogical concepts to intermediate and advanced strategies, approaches, and methods to achieve research results.  

I endeavor to bring an energetic, affable, and highly informative teaching style to my audiences.  


                        All presentations are available virtually on Zoom.

Who would benefit from the lecture series?

  • Curious people wanting to know how to get started in genealogy.

  • Genealogists and family historians looking for new methods and strategies to perform research or validate their current approach.

  • Professionals researchers such as librarians and historians attempting to validate their current discovery approaches and gain insight into new approaches.

  • Social directors and event coordinators seeking new and interesting topics.

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