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Introduction to Genealogy

I’m new at this, how do I get started?

Walks beginners through the basic elements, forms and steps to start genealogical research.  It explains how to identify objectives, understand basic records and organize research.

Beyond Beginning Genealogy

I have some experience, how can I learn more?

This class is for persons who have some genealogy research experience.  It covers the most useful and important strategies and sources available. Attendees will learn how to focus their research, find useful records and evaluate their findings to answer their genealogy questions.

Census Records

More than just names – Let me count the ways!

Explains what information can be found in census records and includes strategies and tools for problem solving using this information.

Finding Minnesota Records in Free Genealogy Resources

Expand your family history toolbox with no cost Minnesota genealogy resources. Learn about the Minnesota Historical Society People Finder, Iron Range Research Center, Minnesota Official Marriage System (MOMS), Minneapolis and Saint Paul City Directory Collections.

Naturalization Records

A treasure trove of genealogical information!

Naturalization records can be full of information about your family. This presentation will provide an overview of the naturalization process and how it has changed over the years. You will learn how to find naturalization records, what information they contain and how to interpret the them.

Hatch, Match and Dispatch

Find your family in birth, marriage and death records.

Explains where to find and how to use birth, marriage and death records.  These records were created close in time to an event by persons who knew the facts.  This presentation helps you make the best use of these valuable resources.

Problem Solving Using Cemetery Records

Finding the buried information in cemeteries!

Cemeteries are wonderful resources for those interested in learning more about their family history. This session will explain the types of cemeteries, the kinds of records they prepared and strategies for successful cemetery research.

Researching at the County Courthouse

County records contain a gold mine of information!

Courthouse records contain information about your family from cradle to grave.  Births, marriages, deaths, deeds, mortgages, wills, probate files and guardianship records can all be found at the county courthouse.  This session will familiarize attendees with courthouse records and research strategies.

Research Strategies and Tools for Tackling your Genealogy Brick Walls

Tear down that brick wall!

Take your research to the next level.  This session details methods, tools and underused records to improve your problem-solving success.  

Case Study in Genealogical Problem Solving

Who was Ellen Call?

Participants will develop enhanced skills and tools for analyzing and comparing evidence to increase their success in solving genealogical identity problems. This presentation covers timelines, spreadsheets, comparison tools and more as it walks through employing strategies for formulating SMART research questions, analyzing evidence and using the Genealogical Proof Standard to make sound conclusions.

Are You Getting the Most from Family Search?

Don't miss out on most of the records at Family Search!

Only 30% of the records at Family Search are indexed.  You are missing 70% if you don’t know how to find them.  This session will demonstrate how to improve your searching methods and strategies to take full advantage of the resources at Family Search.  You will learn how to filter results by collection, download search results, use wild cards to find otherwise elusive records and how to use other advanced features.

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